Privacy Policy
Last modification: February 19, 2016

We have strong principles to safeguard your information and we have developed this Privacy Policy to fashion them. We may change this policy every now and then. We try to keep this clear and transparent for you. Kokonut Studio S de RL de CV ("Kokonut Studio" or "We"), headquartered in 2da Cerrada de Concepción Beistegui 6 Piso 2, Mexico City, Mexico is the one in charge of collecting your personal data.

In this Privacy Policy we explain
What information we collect
Why we collect it
In what cases we may share it
Where we keep it
How we protect it
How can you help to protect it
Our policy to Government request
Your rights Retention and destruction of your information
Information of children under 13
Information of applicants
Our Self Regulatory Frameworks
Our contact information
Our policy of modifications

Kokonut Studio may collect information about you through the following services ("Service" or "Services"), which comprise various products and services such as:

Our websites
Our apps, videogames, software and hosting services
Our means of contact and our social networks
Our billing and payment methods


Depending on the service you use, you can provide us voluntarily the following information:
Your full name, age, date of birth, gender, marital status, mailing addresses, emails, websites, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks accounts or website URLs, photos, videos, telephone and mobile numbers
Services that require payment and / or billing information we may collect your payment card information or bank account information and any other related information such as billing address, company name and other
Your GPS location or the obtained by triangulation

Kokonut Studio will not ask for information that is not useful in your user experience, for example, if the Service does not have any feature that requires knowing your location, it will not be prompted.

Each time you enter to or use our services or we may collect the following information Your account data in our Services as ID, username or other information associated
Your IP Address
The date you signed up, signed in, entered or used our Services
The date you logged out, closed or cancelled our Services
The reference URL
The location address from where you are using our Services (accurate or nearby)
Technical information from the computer you are using such as device id, brand, model, OS, version and language of the browser, screen resolution and other public information that provides your computer or browser.
The name of your internet service provider (ISP) and other public network information
Cookies, local storage and related


To grant the Service offered  
Depending on the service you use, we need to collect certain information in order to process your request. For example, in order to answer an email you sent to us, we need your email address so we can reply it.

To improve your user experience
Some of our services have features that are designed to enhance your user experience in the service as, but not limited to, to detect the language of your browser to show content in that language or to detect screen density to show optimized images.

To improve our services
Many of the information gathered is used to generate statistical information and is not associated with you or anyone in particular. We use it to find trends, errors and opportunities and thus provide better services.

For marketing
The statistical information can be used for purposes of marketing and advertising in our services. Kokonut Studio respects your personal information and will not sell or share it to anyone except as described in this Policy.

To improve security
The information we collect from your use in our Services may help us learn flaws or vulnerabilities that may affect you or others. This will allow us to improve our security systems.  

So you can communicate or share information from our Services
From some of our Services you can send emails or messages to facebook, twitter or other accounts. In order to do this, we need certain information to process, receive and send those requests. If you believe that certain requested information is not essential for any of the processes described here, let us know in the means of contact described below.  

We will never sell it, but may share certain information as described below:

To our service providers
Kokonut Studio uses various service providers to carry out certain tasks such as hosting files and databases, generate statistical reports, store information, process banking transactions, carry out administrative and accounting tasks or improve the safety systems, among others. We only share the strictly necessary information to carry out the tasks assigned to them. All of them follow privacy policies consistent with ours and any changes they make to these policies we analyze them for compatibility. Some of our service providers are located in countries other than Mexico. These providers must respond to the laws of those countries and may share the information they have about you to their governments or third parties as legally required. We try to use service providers that protect the privacy of your information as the maximum the law will allow them but this is not something we can guarantee. Among the countries where our service providers are the United States, South Africa and countries of the European Union. We use Google Analytics to collect statistical information and the use of our Services. You can prevent that Google collects your statistical information. Find how at
To our clients
If you are using any of our Services developed in part or entirely by us for any of our clients or third parties, such as the website of a certain customer, we can share with them the information we collect through their Services. We will not share with them information that do not concern them. For example, we'll never share information from users who are not theirs.

To Government and Legal Institutions
We consider your data should receive the same legal protection, whether they are stored on our services or on the hard drive of your computer. We abide by the following  principles of information request whenever we receive, analyze and respond to requests from the government or third parties arising from the data of our users.

To our lawyers, legal advisors and law enforcement
We may share information to these third parties if we determine it is strictly necessary to:

Follow the Law
Protect a person from death or serious injury
Prevent fraud or abuse to Kokonut Studio, our users or clients
Protect the rights or property of Kokonut Studio or our clients

To you or your legal representatives
You can request information about you and we will share it to you. Also, any person legally exercising your behalf, such as, but not limited to your guardians or lawyers can request information about you and we will share it to them too.

Your computer, device or your browser
We used standard methods of storing and reading information on your browser and computer to provide our Service. Such methods may include, but not limited to, cookies, session variables, local storage, web and bacons and cache. The stored information is not confidential and it is used to grant certain characteristics of the service, so you can navigate and configure your account, autofill information in a form or access your session.

Others authorized by you Your profile informationSome of our Services show some information about you to other people such as your name, the picture you uploaded to your profile, your points, your friend list and any other information for public use. By providing this information, you authorize that is public. In some services, you may be able to customize the level of privacy of the information you share.
Information related to domain names you have purchased a domain name or administered it through our Services, we are required to share certain information about you to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). ICANN will make this information public without restriction.

We believe that this practice undermines your privacy and we provide a protective mechanism to avoid this. You can learn more in our  ICANN Information Policy. WHERE WE STORE YOUR INFORMATION Your information is stored on servers, databases, systems and equipment in locations around the world because we do backups on different servers. Your information may be also stored on computers and browsers from which you enter our Services and, in this case, the security and privacy of this information relies on how you use those equipments.

General protection

We have a team dedicated to preserving the security of your information and to conduct vulnerability testing. We also have security providers who advise and provide services that help to limit and counteract cyber attacks. We use computers, servers and databases with restricted access and our staff only has access to the information strictly necessary to carry out their activities.

While your computer allows, we use cryptographic protocols to transport your information from our Services to your computer and vice versa as secure socket layer (SSL) and other standards and security protocols. Additional protection to payment card information Some of our services require you to provide information of payment cards or bank accounts. In these cases, we follow the PCI-DSS guidelines.

These guidelines limit the information that can be stored and sets safety standards for the information we store, process and deliver. We have providers who are responsible for processing payments. We only use  providers that comply with similar practices.

How can you improve the protection of your information
We are all involved in the protection of your information, including you.

We encourage you to read
How can you improve the proteciton of your information.
This information is part of this Privacy Notice and you must read it to know your responsibilities.

Our Position on Government Data Request
Kokonut Studio is committed to protecting your information and we scrupulously analyze any request for information we receive. Kokonut Studio never reveal personal information or any of your files if there is not any legal and constitutionally valid basis for that. You can review more information in our Information Request PrinciplesYour rights Kokonut Studio is committed to the rights that you are on your information: Rights of Access and Rectification of your personal information If you have an account in any of our Services, you can access, review and change the personal information associated with your account through the access provided on that Service. Some information is essential for us to give you the Service and if you delete or give false or misleading information you may not be able to properly provide the Service. Rights of Cancellation and Opposition of your information You can terminate your account in each of our Services through the mechanisms stablished in each Service. When you cancel your account, it will no longer appear on the Service and you will not have access to it or the Service. In this case, we will follow the process described in Retention and Destruction of Your Information. Revocation of Consent to Receive Marketing Messages You can revoke your consent to receive marketing messages from our Services in the link stablished on each communication. There may be a delay up to 15 calendar days, you may receive an occasional message in that time span. Revocation of Consent for Push Notifications Some of our Services in our mobile apps and games uses push notifications. You can delete your consent to such notifications from your device's Settings menu. Retention and Destruction of Your Information We retain the information that you store on our Services all the time to lend these services. If you delete your account or apply for the destruction of your information, we will delete all your stored information, taking into account the following conditions: There will be a waiting period of 15 days if the action was done by accident or mistake and you want it back again. Once past this time, we proceed to the destruction of the information We are legally required to keep certain information for a period of 5 years to comply with our legal obligations. During that time we may retain certain information to resolve legal disputes or claim our rights There may be some latency in the deletion of your information on our systems and backups that will not be more than 30 days The information shared to our service providers, clients, government, legal institutions and others will be no longer in our control once it has been sharedIf your account is canceled by us due to your breach of any of our policies (such as our Terms of Serviceand others),we may retain information about you to help us prevent you from use our Services or to respond to legal processes.  Information of children under 13 None of our Services is intended for children under 13 years old. Kokonut Studio does not collect consciously sensitive information from children under 13 years old. If we become aware that an under 13 is using or used any of our services, we delete their personal information and terminate their account.  If your child or the person in your care is under 13 and he or she is using one of our Services, please contact us in the means described below. Self Regulatory Frameworks Kokonut Studio meets the guidelines of the Mexican Law and follows principles of Safe Harbor signed by the United States and recognized by the European Union and Switzerland. We also follows guidelines of the U.S. COPPA law to protect information from children under 13 years old.  For more information about these policies, please visit the following links: Ifai (in Spanish) SafeharborProtecting your child privacy onlineInformation of applicants At any time you can send voluntarily by any means, your portfolio, book, papers and other information that allows us to appreciate your skills, abilities and talents and to contact you regarding our vacancies or business needs. Kokonut Studio may, but is not obligated to, keep that information to analyze your application and to contact you, either for the selection process to which you applied or any other in the future. If you are not selected, Kokonut Studio may also contact you sometime in the future to ask you to participate in any other process. Contact Us If you have any questions, comments or requests regarding your privacy or the one of the person you legally represent, you can contact us via email, -click here to show it- or write us to Kokonut Studio, 2da Cerrada de Concepción Beistegui 6 Piso 2, Mexico City, Mexico Application This Privacy Policy applies only to Kokonut Studio's Services and not from third parties such as, but not limited to, our service providers or clients.  When entering websites or services that are not ours, these websites or services won't be under this Privacy Policy. You shall read their Privacy Policies too. The information you share with others will be no longer in Kokonut Studio hands and we will lose the ability to protect that information.  This Privacy Policy pursuant to Mexican Federal Law for Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties. Any claim must be made with us first and if you don't like the resolution, you should complain to the competent authorities in Mexico City, giving up your right to claim in other locations. Modifications This privacy policy may be amended by Kokonut Studio in its sole discretion. The new version will be published in and will take effect from the date of publication, unless otherwise specified, but not retroactively. It is possible that as a courtesy, but not obligatorily, we may notify you about any change by email or any other mean. If you're still using any of our Services after the effective date of the new privacy policy, it means that you accepted it.